SF #159 – Get Caught Having A Great Life


Ever have one of those breakups?  With a special someone?  A favorite job?  The way you thought your life should be going?  Though over, there is still that spark, that chance that everything might get back to normal.  So you try stifling your sniffling in the hopes that the waiting game you’re playing might pay off.  Instead of postponing the inevitable and hoping against hope that your special someone/career-path/life-choice will realize their mistake and come to their senses, wouldn’t it be a better idea to move on with being awesome and…

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Success Freaks #158 – Forgiveness versus Guilt

Success Freaks #158 - Forgiveness versus Guilt

“The Key to greater Willpower is being more Forgiving – not being harder on yourself.”  “Self-control strategies like Guilt and Self-Criticism can result in our feeling worse.”  We need to give those up if we hope to succeed.

Chapter Six (and the rest) of Kelly McGonigal’s The Willpower Instinct is full of liberating gems such as these.  Necessary Words of Wisdom when we grow up believing we’re not going to get anything done, let alone keep our promises and resolutions, if we’re not at least a little hard on ourselves.  Studies show this belief does not hold up in practical application. Read more »

Forgiveness versus Guilt – MWTV #349

MWTV #349 - Forgiveness versus Guilt

Having just finished “Success Freaks” podcast #158, “Forgiveness versus Guilt,” I begin this vlog showing you my latest podcast setup — this one incorporating the use of my ASUS tablet. I then launch into a conversation concerning one of the topics covered in Chapter Six of Kelly McGonigal’s book, “The Willpower Instinct.” If you’ve ever tripped up while attempting to quit a bad habit and been really hard on yourself, that chapter and this vlog are for you. Studies have shown that forgiveness wins out over guilt and self-criticism every time. To be successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish, you have to cut yourself some slack when you stumble. In other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

While you’re at it, give a listen to episode SF #158: “Forgiveness versus Guilt.” (audio up by 2014.07.23)

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Success Freaks #157 – Dealing With Your Poop

SF#157 FB Wall 2

Ignore your problems long enough and they begin to pile up.  Shove that ever-growing pile into an unmarked closet, bury it in the backyard, ‘neath the septic tank, or try flushing excessive amounts of it down the toilet and bad things begin to happen.  Very bad things.  Very bad, stinky things.

Using the age-old metaphor of Mordant rents travel trailer…Mordant finds potty-full trailer has leaky sewage hose…Mordant is forced to deal with the aggregation of his fecal matter, your Success Freaks discuss what happens when you engage in avoidance behavior until the proverbial poop hits your wind-puffing apparatus.

Join Mordant & McFall as they wax skatalogical in their discussion about why it is best to deal with your daily dose of dooky as it comes.  Waiting only gives whatever it is you have to deal with the opportunity to grow, fester, and perhaps even explode all over your whitewashed world. Read more »

Success Freaks #156 – World Cup – World Community

World Cup - World Community

Goooooooaaaaal!!!  With World Cup 2014 scratching the edge of our consciousness, thoughts of what it means to be a part of a global community arise.  What about those people halfway ‘round the world?  Are they really that different from the people in your community?  And, what about your community?  What can you do to get to know the same, enjoy the different, and remove fear of the unknown?

In this episode, Mordant & McFall joke, rant, ramble, and chat about the World Cup, community awareness, mob and gang involvement, and getting to know vastly different people who are, deep down, just like you.  Tune in and expand your horizons, expose yourself to new lands, and make new friends while you’re at it. Read more »

Success Freaks #155 – Change In the Now

SF#155 - Change in The Now

With Special Guest Bishop Jim Swilley

With so many Changes happening day-to-day, it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on in your life – let alone everyone else’s.  What happens when the dream you once held so tightly onto morphs into…something else?  What if it’s worse?  What if it’s better?  What if it works out, but it looks nothing like what you were hoping/praying/longing for it to be?  How can you divorce yourself from the goals you’ve been married to for so long?  Doesn’t that mean turning your back on everything you’ve been standing for?  Won’t that make you…a failure!?

Mordant & McFall invite Bish In the Now & Metron’s own Jim Swilley back to Success Freaks for a candid discussion about what it means to maintain an attitude of non-attachment.  By advancing to the rear (or left or right), you finally relax that chokehold you’ve have on the way you thought things should turn out.  Instead, you  achieve your success by adapting, bending like reed, and Rolling with the Changes. Read more »

World Cup – World Community – MWTV #348

MWTV #348 - World Cup - World Community

After watching the phenomenon that is the World Cup and seeing how it is possible for communities from all over the globe to come together and enjoy each other in a spirit of competition, I challenge you to go out and meet people who are different than you. Find the commonalities in people from other cultures while celebrating their differences. Remember, you are here to make friends. Don’t limit yourself to people just like you so you can have the self-same experiences you’ve already had. That’s boring! Live a life rich in color and flavor. Enjoy the type of spicy experiences that only come your way by exposing yourself to people who look and sound different, but play and laugh the same.


While you’re at it, give a listen to episode SF #156: “World Cup — World Community.”

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Loving Change – MWTV #347

mw 347

As we live through different stages in our lives, we have to learn to adapt, embrace, and love the changes. Success Freaks has been focused on transitions of late. With that focus comes the clear understanding that Life itself is change. Instead of dreading and fighting against the inevitable, embracing this concept will better help you to live your life from adventure to adventure and beyond. Read more »

Success Freaks #154 – Transitions – Pixelated Projects

SF #154 - Pixilated Projects

Guest Starring Leigh Brown

Do you have a great idea, but don’t know how it implement getting it “out there”?  Still using the I Don’t Have Enough (money/time/training) excuse?  Well, it’s about time you put on your Big Kid Pants and did something about that.  You can, you know?  Yes, Y-O-U You!

The UK’s own Leigh Brown of Dirty Boxers fame joins Mordant & McFall to cover the How’s, Wherefore’s, and most importantly the Why’s of continuing education.  Whether it’s tech-based for your newest creative idea or for your own personal edification, ever-educating yourself is the best way to grow forward, adapting to all life is gleefully throwing at you.  Join in for a frank discussion including Leigh’s personal struggle with depression and what it took to turn his life around, headed in its current direction of helping others find their way.

Pixelated Projects is a non-profit organization that is transforming learning for all – breaking down the barriers to gain access to knowledge. Read more »

Success Freaks #153 – Change is the Only Constant

Success Freaks #153

“Change is the only constant in life.”  ~Heraclitus~

Just when you get used to something – a job, relationship, a certain age – things flip-flop around and you are forced to “Roll With the Changes.”  Embrace the fact that Change is a big and necessary part of your life.  It forces you to adapt/grow/evolve/get off the couch.  Once you learn this, those formally annoying changes become an exciting part of the adventure that will enrich your life.  Though not always easy, it doesn’t have to be a drag.  You might as well lean in and grow with it – for your changes are a-comin’.

This episode of Success Freaks brings Mordant & McFall to more changes of their own, including more tweaking of their format – the better to entertain & edify you with.  Included is a segment dedicated to answering the listener question: “How do you get rid of toxic people in your life when you are toxic to yourself sometimes?”  Check out the madcap energy as the Level Up Guys enjoy a rare moment of recording in the same space. Read more »