Success Freaks #144 – Did I Grow That?

Success Freaks #144 - Did I Grow That??

We are always growing through life – sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally, and often on autopilot.  Messages are planted – through experiences, teachings, victories and defeats.  These messages become what we believe to be true about the world around us and ourselves.  Some grow stronger while others fade away.  The only difference between what sticks and what slides slimily down the wall is what we have, water and prune.  Basically, what we focus on.  People often find themselves surprised at the very weeds they have been focusing on growing about their feet.  Is this you?  Which Messages do you believe most about yourself?  Are they messages of victory or defeat? Read more »

Living out loud #26 – live in the moment you choose

Living out loud #? - live in the moment you choose

R. Mordant Mahon and I are focusing our thoughts and messages to give practical ways to level up your lives as we level up ours. This is my first shot in hopefully many to come of not just rambling about my life, but focusing on the level up. I talk about NMX thus year and last, how I realize we live moment to moment, and how you can intentionally use that to get through the tough times. #levelup

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Between The Lines Empowerment Network welcomes Success Freaks

Between the Lines

Between The Lines has opened the doors for persons or businesses interested in sharing air space to help educate and empower its audience to live the life they were meant to live, have the successful business they were meant to have and generate the visibility and credibility they were meant to achieve.

Many expressed an interest but few were chosen. One of them that I have the pleasure of introducing to you today is McFall and Mordant – their names sound like a dynamic duo; and that’s really what they are!

Online Business Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Between The Lines Network on BlogTalkRadio

Success Freaks #143 – Grow Your Garden

Success Freaks #143 - Growing Your Garden

Any who have ever planted in the hopes of watching something grow from the earth know there’s more to it than making a hole, setting some seeds in the ground, then walking away and forgetting about it until things come to fruition.  There’s the watering, the fertilizing, and other important “ings” to worry about.

The same can be said of most aspects of your life – your business, your relationships, your hopes and dreams.  All these need watering, fertilizing, and other “ings.”  Or, as they said on the “Gilligan’s Island” TV show, and I’m paraphrasing here, “…if that doesn’t work, try 1 part Sunshine, 2 parts Water, and 3 parts Prayer.” (“Gilligan’s Island” – “V” for Vitamins – S2E30) Read more »

Success Freaks #142 – Procrastination

Success Freaks #142 - Procrastination

Procrastination is that word we use to express the art of putting things off.  But, it goes by many names.  Names like Avoidance Behavior, Resistance, and Taking a Break to name a few.  What is Procrastination and why do we embrace it with such reckless abandon?  Lord Chesterfield said “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” about Procrastination.  Conversely, Mark Twain said “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”

What is it that enables us to avoid the important “stuff” we should be doing?  Stuff which might take only moments to do, often with very little effort, and would instantly relieve the pressure building in our brain?  Why do we choose Stress over completing a task? Read more »

Success Freaks #141 – Temptations

Success Freaks #141 - Temptation

Temptation is the name of the game – and we all play it from time to time.  Whether tempted to cheat on a diet, taxes, or a commitment, we’ve all had that little voice in our head that says, “C’mon…try it…makes you cool and feels so good.  Everyone’s doing it.”

The truth is, if it’s detrimental in some fashion or another, it’s not that cool and it often doesn’t wind up feeling like you thought it would.  Just a few short moments of Whoopee and then “The Guilts” set it.  Nobody wants that…but we all go through it, don’t we?  Soooo…what can be done about these oh-so-common, often-too-much-fun-for-our-own-good situation? Read more »

Success Freaks #140 – Lessons Learned

Success Freaks #140 - Lessons Learned

How many of you, in the midst of an important project, endeavor, or on a DATE have ever tripped over your own two feet?  Though you hated going through these rough and often embarrassing experiences, you find that the “Lessons Learned” made them necessary evils on the road to becoming a Bigger, Badder, Better, More and even more Awesome YOU! Read more »

Being Human – MWTV #345


This month on “Success Freaks” (March 2014) we’re dealing with “Being Human” and what that means for those of us in pursuit of our dreams. Those mistakes we make that cause us to stumble and get in our own way. How, though going for the gold, we often end up in the gutter. Fear not, for there is hope. As Oscar Wilde so eloquently put it, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” This vlog touches on being okay with yourself…even if you are stuck “Being Human.”
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Success Freaks #139 – Blowin’ In The Wind

Success Freaks #139 - Blowin' in the Wind

This month, March 2014, on Success Freaks, we’re talking about “Being Human” – how, though going for the gold, we often end up in the gutter.

 “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

~Oscar Wilde~

Episode #139 covers the difficulty some of us have with being blown every-which-way – off course in the Bermuda Triangle whilst trying to navigate the storms.  Tempests often brought on by our own actions and inactions.

Join Mordant & McFall as they discuss what it means to be unanchored and blown about with no direction and lacking the commitment to get you back on track.  Whose fault is it anyway, these storms that constantly blow us off our desired course – further out to sea, away from our goals and the safe shores of Ithaca?

Finally, coming out of hardship, how do we push through and survive the rough seas?  Listen in as your Success-Freaky men chat about Keeping the Faith, your Eyes on the Prize, and the remembering Winston Churchill’s famous quote “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” Read more »

Success Freaks #138 – Your Business, Your Community

Success Freaks #138 - Your Business, Your Community

Mordant & McFall have spent this month discussing various types of relationships – with yourself, with people who are different than you….  Now they turn things around a bit and chat about how You and your Business can give back to Your Community.

This episode of Success Freaks covers different communities from all over the world.  Mordant begins the conversation with his recent visit to Roatan, Honduras and the Made In Roatan shop he found there.

Listen in and discover what you and your business can do for your community, what your community can do for you, and how the Law of Reciprocity affects your business and you.

Episode Segments:

  1. Made in Roatan – giving back to your community

  2. What can your community do for your business?

  3. You and your community

  4. What hit home? Read more »

Success Freaks #137 – Modern Family

Success Freaks #137 - Modern Family w/Special Guests Brian Rodda & Allene Quincy

With so many different lifestyles coming at us lately, what we consider family has changed from “Leave It to Beaver” into “Modern Family.”  Though caricatures of real life, these shows represent real-life relationships that are happening all around us.  This episode, Mordant & McFall discuss what it means to move from intolerance to indifference to tolerance all the way over to acceptance of people and lifestyles that are different than our own. 

Join your Success Freaks as they chat with stars from the upcoming web series “My Two Black Girlfriends.”  Together they discuss their experiences with intolerance, differing family dynamics in today’s society, and creating a web series that crosses some many lines & barriers.  For those of you still growing up in a “Brady Bunch” world – where even actor Robert Reed (aka Mike Brady) would not be welcome – this is yet another opportunity to broaden your horizons from the safety of your living room or wherever you might listen to “Fenómenos de Éxito” or “Success Freaks.”  Enjoy! Read more »

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